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Real Science with Abberior Dyes

Year Journal Authors Title
2020 Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry R.  Gerasimaite et al. "Efflux pump insensitive rhodamine-jasplakinolide conjugates for G- and F-actin imaging in living cells"
2020 Cancers S. K.  Pachathundikandi et al. "Helicobacter pylori Avoids the Critical Activation of NLRP3 Inflammasome-Mediated Production of Oncogenic Mature IL-1β in Human Immune Cells"
2020 Scientific Reports  J. Finke et al. "Anatomy of a viral entry platform differentially functionalized by integrins α3 and α6"
2020 JBC T. A. Stanly et al. "The cortical actin network regulates avidity-dependent binding of hyaluronan by the Lymphatic Vessel Endothelial receptor LYVE-1"
2020 EMBO Reports  A. K. Kondadi "Cristae undergo continuous cycles of membrane
remodelling in a MICOS-dependent manner"
2020 Cell Report D. Ivanova et al. remodelling in a MICOS-dependent manner
2020 Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience L. L. Hefting "Multiple Domains in the Kv7.3 C-Terminus Can Regulate Localization to the Axon Initial Segment"
2020 Optics Express  B. Vinçon et al. "Pixel hopping enables fast STED nanoscopy at low light dose"
2020 PNAS  T. Le et al. "Anaerobic peroxisomes in Mastigamoeba balamuthi"
2019 PNAS  F. Rudolph et al. "Resolving titin’s lifecycle and the spatial organization of protein turnover in mouse cardiomyocytes"
2019 Scientific Reports  I. Albertsson et al. "Functional interactions between nitrite reductase and nitric oxide reductase from Paracoccus denitrificans"
2019 ACS Nano P. N. Hedde et al. "Pair Correlation Analysis Maps the Dynamic Two-Dimensional Organization of Natural Killer Cell Receptors at the Synapse"
2019 Nature Communications H. Götzke et al. "The ALFA-tag is a highly versatile tool for nanobody-based bioscience applications"
2019 Acta Neuropathologica Communications J. Haskó et al. "Response of the neurovascular unit to brain metastatic breast cancer cells"
2019 Nature Communications A. Batok et al. "IP3 receptor isoforms differently regulate ER-mitochondrial contacts and local calcium transfer"
2019 Scientific Reports  T. Stephan et al. "Live-cell STED nanoscopy of mitochondrial cristae"
2019 JBC J. Gong et al. "Gulp1 controls Eph/ephrin trogocytosis and is important for cell rearrangements during development"
2019 Front. Cell. Neurosci. A. Schlüter et al. "Dynamic Regulation of Synaptopodin and the Axon Initial Segment in Retinal Ganglion Cells During Postnatal Development"
2019 viruses S. Kummer "IFITM3 Clusters on Virus Containing Endosomes and Lysosomes Early in the Influenza A Infection of Human Airway Epithelial Cells"
2019 Nature Communications C. J. Comerci et al. "Topologically-guided continuous protein crystallization controls bacterial surface layer self-assembly"
2019 PNAS  S. Stoldt et al. "Mic60 exhibits a coordinated clustered distribution along and across yeast and mammalian mitochondria"
2019 Nature Microbiology D. Perez-Zsolt et al. "Anti-Siglec-1 antibodies block Ebola viral uptake and decrease cytoplasmic viral entry"
2019 Nature Communications N. Salvarani et al. "The K219T-Lamin mutation induces conduction defects through epigenetic inhibition of SCN5A in human cardiac laminopathy"
2019 Nanoscale S. Janel et al. "Stiffness tomography of eukaryotic intracellular compartments by atomic force microscopy"
2019 ChemBioChem F. Grimm et al. "Green-Emitting Rhodamine Dyes for Vital Labeling of Cell
Organelles Using STED Super-Resolution Microscopy"
2019 ACS Nano R. F. Hamans et al. "Super-resolution Mapping of Enhanced Emission by Collective Plasmonic Resonances."
2019 Nature Methods D. Gambarotto et al. "Imaging cellular ultrastructures using expansion microscopy (U-ExM)"
2019 JEM L. T. Weckbach et al. "Midkine drives cardiac inflammation by promoting neutrophil trafficking and NETosis in myocarditis"
2019 Nature Communications  P. Carravilla et al. "Molecular recognition of the native HIV-1 MPER revealed by STED microscopy of single virions"
2018 The Journal of Physical Chemistry  N. Vandenberk et al. "Evaluation of Blue and Far-Red Dye Pairs in Single-Molecule Förster Resonance Energy Transfer Experiments"
2018 mAbs M. Maidorn et al. "Nanobodies reveal an extra-synaptic population of SNAP-25 and Syntaxin 1A in hippocampal neurons"
2018 PNAS  R. Vlijm et al. "STED nanoscopy of the centrosome linker reveals a CEP68-organized, periodic rootletin network anchored to a C-Nap1 ring at centrioles"
2018 Nature Communications  A. Durand et al. "A machine learning approach for online automated optimization of super-resolution optical microscopy."
2018 ACS Nano K.-A. Saal et al. "Combined Use of Unnatural Amino Acids Enables Dual-Color Super-Resolution Imaging of Proteins via Click Chemistry"
2018 Nature Communications  Y. Chen et al. "Multi-color live-cell super-resolution volume imaging with multi-angle interference microscopy"
2018 ACS Environ. Sci. Technol. A. L. Karam et al. "Development of Photochemical Microsensors for Evaluating Photosynthetic Light Dose Distributions in Microalgal Photobioreactors"
2018 Chemical Science G. Lukinavicius et al. "Fluorescent dyes and probes for super-resolution microscopy of microtubules and tracheoles in living cells and tissues"
2018 ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces E. Murtezi et al. "Biofunctionalization of Sub-Diffractionally Patterned Polymer Structures by Photobleaching"
2018 Nucleic Acids Research E. Anselm et al. "Oligomerization of Drosophila Nucleoplasmin-Like Protein is required for its centromere localization"
2018 ACS Nano B. Adelizzi et al. Protein is required for its centromere localization
2018 Nature Communications  P. Cervero et al. "Lymphocyte-specific protein 1 regulates mechanosensory oscillation of podosomes and actin isoform-based actomyosin symmetry breaking"
2018 ACS Nano M. Gao et al. "Expansion Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscopy (ExSTED)"
2018 Methods in Molecular Biology  F. Gobbo et al. "Site-Specific Direct Labeling of Neurotrophins and Their Receptors: From Biochemistry to Advanced Imaging Applications"
2018 Scientific Reports  K. C. Jonas et al. "Temporal reprogramming of calcium signalling via crosstalk of gonadotrophin receptors that associate as functionally asymmetric heteromers."
2018 Cell  K. Meyer et al. "Mutations in Disordered Regions Can Cause Disease by Creating Dileucine Motifs"
2018 Nature Communications  J. Neef et al. "Quantitative optical nanophysiology of Ca2+ signaling at inner hair cell active zones."
2018 The Journal of Organic Chemistry  B. Roubinet et al. "Photoactivatable Rhodamine Spiroamides and Diazoketones Decorated with "Universal Hydrophilizer" or Hydroxyl Groups"
2018 Nature Cell Biology  S. Stoldt et al. "Spatial orchestration of mitochondrial translation and OXPHOS complex assembly"
2018 Nature N. J. Van Zee et al. "Potential enthalpic energy of water in oils exploited to control supramolecular structure."
2018 Journal of Cell Biology  N. Walther et al. "A quantitative map of human Condensins provides new insights into mitotic chromosome architecture"
2018 Life Science Alliance Y. Yu et al. "Neuronal Aβ42 is enriched in small vesicles at the presynaptic side of synapses"
2018 Physical Review Letters  G. Zhao et al. "Nonlinear Focal Modulation Microscopy"
2017 Photonics K. Korobchevskaya et al. "Exploring the Potential of Airyscan Microscopy for Live Cell Imaging"
2017 Chemistry A European Journal  A. N. Butkevich et al. "Hydroxylated Fluorescent Dyes for Live-Cell Labeling: Synthesis, Spectra and Super-Resolution STED"
2017 Journal of the American Chemical Society  A. N. Butkevich et al. "Cell-Permeant Large Stokes Shift Dyes for Transfection-Free Multicolor Nanoscopy"
2017 Nature Protocols  I. Chamma et al. "Optimized labeling of membrane proteins for applications to super-resolution imaging in confined cellular environments using monomeric streptavidin"
2017 Nature Communications  J. Chojnacki et al. "Envelope glycoprotein mobility on HIV-1 particles depends on the virus maturation state"
2017 Cell Reports  M. Cortese et al. "Ultrastructural Characterization of Zika Virus Replication Factories"
2017 PNAS  E. D'Este et al. "Ultrastructural anatomy of nodes of Ranvier in the peripheral nervous system as revealed by STED microscopy"
2017 PNAS  F. Göttfert et al. "Strong signal increase in STED fluorescence microscopy by imaging regions of subdiffraction extent"
2017 Biochemistry  A. A. Jazi et al. "Caging and Photoactivation in Single-Molecule Förster Resonance Energy Transfer Experiments"
2017 Methods in Molecular Biology  A. Klauss et al. “Diffraction-Unlimited Fluorescence Imaging with an EasySTED Retrofitted Confocal Microscope”
2017 EMBO Reports  P. Kohli et al. "The ciliary membrane-associated proteome reveals actin-binding proteins as key components of cilia"
2017 Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular Cell Research  H. Maldonado et al. "Astrocyte-to-neuron communication through integrin-engaged Thy-1/CBP/Csk/Src complex triggers neurite retraction via the RhoA/ROCK pathway"
2017 Scientific Reports  G. Y. Mitronova et al. "High-Affinity Functional Fluorescent Ligands for Human β-Adrenoceptors"
2017 Analytica Chemistry S. E. Ochmann et al. "Optical Nanoantenna for Single Molecule-Based Detection of Zika Virus Nucleic Acids without Molecular Multiplication"
2017 Scientific Reports J. Oracz et al. "Photobleaching in STED nanoscopy and its dependence on the photon flux applied for reversible silencing of the fluorophore"
2017 Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed. in English  S. Peng et al. "Single-Molecule Photoactivation FRET: A General and Easy-To-Implement Approach To Break the Concentration Barrier"
2017 Neuron  S. Reddy-Alla et al. "Stable Positioning of Unc13 Restricts Synaptic Vesicle Fusion to Defined Release Sites to Promote Synchronous Neurotransmission"
2017 Scientific Reports  J. Reindl et al.  "Chromatin organization revealed by nanostructure of irradiation induced γH2AX, 53BP1 and Rad51 foci"
2017 Nature Communications  D. S. Richardson et al. "SRpHi ratiometric pH biosensors for super-resolution microscopy"
2017 Science Signaling  M. Samuelsson et al. "RhoB controls the Rab11-mediated recycling and surface reappearance of LFA-1 in migrating T lymphocytes"
2017 Alzheimer's Research & Therapy S. Schedin- Weiss et al. "Monoamine oxidase B is elevated in Alzheimer disease neurons, is associated with γ-secretase and regulates neuronal amyloid β-peptide levels"
2017 Biophysical Journal  E. Sezgin et al. "Polarity-Sensitive Probes for Superresolution Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscopy"
2017 Scientific Reports  J. Sjöholm et al. "The lateral distance between a proton pump and ATP synthase determines the ATP-synthesis rate"
2017 Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology  I. Tavernaro et al. "Bright fluorescent silica-nanoparticle probes for high-resolution STED and confocal microscopy"
2017 Scientific Reports  F. R. Winter et al. "Multicolour nanoscopy of fixed and living cells with a single STED beam and hyperspectral detection"
2016 JACS  A. Aloi et al. "Imaging Nanostructures by Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy in Organic Solvents"
2016 Journal of Structural Biology  A. Benda et al.  "STED imaging of tau filaments in Alzheimer's disease cortical grey matter"
2016 Angewandte Chemie International Edition  A. N. Butkevich et al. "Fluorescent Rhodamines and Fluorogenic Carbopyronines for Super-Resolution STED Microscopy in Living Cells"
2016 ACS Nano  E. Cortés et al. "Plasmonic Nanoprobes for Stimulated Emission Depletion Nanoscopy"
2016 Scientific Reports  E. D'Este et al. "Subcortical cytoskeleton periodicity throughout the nervous system"
2016 The Journal of Biological Chemistry  S. Galiani et al. "Super resolution microscopy reveals compartmentalization of peroxisomal membrane proteins"
2016 The EMBO Journal  L. Große et al. "Bax assembles into large ring-like structures remodeling the mitochondrial outer membrane in apoptosis"
2016 Nature Communications  E. Johlin et al. "Super-resolution imaging of light-matter interactions near single semiconductor nanowires"
2016 BMC Zoology  M. Rodrigues et al. "The cellular basis of bioadhesion of the freshwater polyp Hydra"
2016 Immunobiology  N. Mazkereth et al. "Complement triggers relocation of Mortalin/GRP75 from mitochondria to the plasma membrane"
2016 PLOS ONE  M. J. Mlodzianoski et al. "Super-Resolution Imaging of Molecular Emission Spectra and Single Molecule Spectral Fluctuations"
2016 Nature Methods  T. Niehöster et al.  "Multi-target spectrally resolved fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy"
2016 Chemistry A European Journal  S. Nizamov et al. "Reduced" Coumarin Dyes with an O-Phosphorylated 2,2-Dimethyl-4-(hydroxymethyl)-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoline Fragment: Synthesis, Spectra, and STED Microscopy"
2016 eLife  S. Otsuka et al. RESOLFT Nanoscopy of Fixed Cells Using a Z-Domain Based Fusion Protein for Labelling
2016 eLife S. Schnorrenberg et al. Organization of Mitochondrial Gene Expression in Two Distinct Ribosome-Containing Assemblies
2016 Kidney International D. Unnersjö-Jess et al. SiR–Hoechst is a far-red DNA stain for live-cell nanoscopy
2015 Optics Express  F. Bergermann et al. Pathways to optical STED microscopy
2015 Cell & Tissue Research  P. Bianchini et al. rsEGFP2 enables fast RESOLFT nanoscopy of living cells
2015 Chemistry A European Journal Communication  C. E. Boott et al. "In Situ Visualization of Block Copolymer Self-Assembly in Organic Media by Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy"
2015 Methods  M. P. Clausen et al. "A straightforward approach for gated STED-FCS to investigate lipid membrane dynamics"
2015 Cell ReportsCell Reports  E. D'Este et al. "STED Nanoscopy Reveals the Ubiquity of Subcortical Cytoskeleton Periodicity in Living Neurons"
2015 The Journal of Immunology  M. Enqvist et al. "Coordinated Expression of DNAM-1 and LFA-1 in Educated NK Cells"
2015 Nature Communications P. Fidzinski et al. "KCNQ5 K+ channels control hippocampal synaptic inhibition and fast network oscillations"
2015 Nature Methods  R. Galland et al. "3D high- and super-resolution imaging using single-objective SPIM"
2015 Optics Letters  K. Y. Han et al. "Dual-color three-dimensional STED microscopy with a single high-repetition-rate laser "
2015 The EMBO Journal  D. Ivanova et al. "Synaptic activity controls localization and function of CtBP1 via binding to Bassoon and Piccolo"
2015 Chemical Communications  S. Kabatas et al. "A contamination-insensitive probe for imaging specific biomolecules by secondary ion mass spectrometry"
2015 PLOS ONE  A. Klauss et al. "Upgrade of a Scanning Confocal Microscope to a Single-Beam Path STED Microscope"
2015 Chemistry A European Journal  K. Kolmakov et al. "Far-Red Emitting Fluorescent Dyes for Optical Nanoscopy: Fluorinated Silicon–Rhodamines (SiRF Dyes) and  Phosphorylated Oxazines"
2015 Nature Methods I. König et al. "Single-molecule spectroscopy of protein conformational dynamics in live eukaryotic cells"
2015 The Journal of Chemical Physics   H. T. Kratochvil "Counting tagged molecules one by one: Quantitative photoactivation and bleaching of photoactivatable fluorophores"
2015 European Journal of Organic Chemistry  G. Y. Mitronova et al. "Functionalization of the meso-Phenyl Ring of Rhodamine Dyes Through SNAr with Sulfur Nucleophiles: Synthesis, Biophysical Characterizations, and Comprehensive NMR Analysis"
2015 Nuclear Bodies and Noncoding RNAs  Y. Okada et al. "Super-Resolution Imaging of Nuclear Bodies by STED Microscopy"
2015 Autophagy  M. Prado et al. "Long-term live imaging reveals cytosolic immune responses of host hepatocytes against Plasmodium infection and parasite escape mechanisms"
2015 Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience  K. Pukaß et al. "Inhibition of UCH-L1 in oligodendroglial cells results in microtubule stabilization and prevents a-synuclein aggregate formation by activating the autophagic pathway: implications for multiple system atrophy"
2015 Nature Neuroscience  C. Schachtrup et al. "Nuclear pore complex remodeling by p75NTR cleavage controls TGF-β signaling and astrocyte functions"
2015 Angewandte Chemie International Edition I. C. Vreja et al. "Secondary-Ion Mass Spectrometry of Genetically Encoded Targets"
2015 ACS Nano  I. C. Vreja et al. "Super-resolution Microscopy of Clickable Amino Acids Reveals the Effects of Fluorescent Protein Tagging on Protein Assemblies"
2015 Scientific Reports  Y. Wu et al. "Resonant Scanning with Large Field of View Reduces Photobleaching and Enhances Fluorescence Yield in STED Microscopy "
2014 Chemistry A European Journal Communication V. N. Belov et al. "Masked Rhodamine Dyes of Five Principal Colors Revealed by Photolysis of a 2-Diazo-1-Indanone Caging Group: Synthesis, Photophysics, and Light Microscopy Applications"
2014  Journal of Biomedical Optics  J. V. Chacko et al. "Cellular level nanomanipulation using atomic force microscope aided with superresolution imaging"
2014 Scientific Reports  D. Eggert et al. "Nanoscale glucan polymer network causes pathogen resistance"
2014 Progress In Electromagnetics Research  F. Gorlitz et al. "A STED Microscope designed for Routine Biomedical Applications"
2014 Chemical Senses  B. Henkel et al. "Co-expression of Anoctamins in Cilia of Olfactory Sensory Neurons"
2014 eLife  A. Honigmann et al. "A lipid bound actin meshwork organizes liquid phase separation in model membranes"
2014 Nature Methods  B. Hua et al. "An improved surface passivation method for single-molecule studies"
2014 PLOS ONE  L. D. Hughes et al. "Choose Your Label Wisely: Water-Soluble Fluorophores Often Interact with Lipid Bilayers"
2014 The EMBO Journal  A. Johnson et al. "TFG clusters COPII-coated transport carriers and promotes early secretory pathway organization"
2014 The Journal of Biological Chemistry  K. C. Jonas et al. "Single molecule analysis of functionally asymmetric G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) oligomers reveals diverse spatial and structural assemblies"
2014 PLOS ONE  N. Koch et al. "Terminal Axonal Arborization and Synaptic Bouton Formation Critically Rely on Abp1 and the Arp2/3 Complex"
2014 Chemistry A European Journal  K. Kolmakov et al. "Polar Red-Emitting Rhodamine Dyes with Reactive Groups: Synthesis, Photophysical Properties, and Two-Color STED Nanoscopy Applications"
2014 Molecular Biology of the Cell  G. Lavieu et al. "The Golgi ribbon structure facilitates anterograde transport of large cargoes"
2014 The Journal of Neuroscience  L. Li et al. "Drosophila Syd-1, Liprin-a, and Protein Phosphatase 2A B' Subunit Wrd Function in a Linear Pathway to Prevent Ectopic Accumulation of Synaptic Materials in Distal Axons"
2014 Nature Methods  G. Lukinavičius et al. "Fluorogenic probes for live-cell imaging of the cytoskeleton"
2014 Nature Communications S. K. Saka et al. "Multi-protein assemblies underlie the mesoscale organization of the plasma membrane"
2014 BMC Neuroscience  L. Westin et al. "Nanoscopic spine localization of Norbin, an mGluR5 accessory protein"
2014 eLife F. Wilfling et al. "Arf1/COPI machinery acts directly on lipid droplets and enables their connection to the ER for protein targeting"
2013 Isr. J. Chem. V. N. Belov et al. "Photoswitching Emission with Rhodamine Spiroamides for Super-resolution Fluorescence nanoscopies"
2013 Cytoskeleton  J. V. Chacko et al. "Probing Cytoskeletal Structures by Coupling Optical Superresolution and AFM Techniques for a Correlative Approach"
2013 NanoBioImaging  M. P. Clausen et al. "Pathways to optical STED microscopy"
2013 Biophysical Journal  F. Göttfert et al. "Coaligned dual-channel STED nanoscopy and molecular diffusion analysis at 20 nm resolution"
2013 Faraday Discussions A. Honigmann et al. "STED microscopy detects and quantifies liquid phase separation in lipid membranes using a new far-red emitting fluorescent phosphoglycerolipid analogue"
2013 Nature Structural & Molecular Biology A. Honigmann et al. "Phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate clusters act as molecular beacons for vesicle recruitment"
2013 Chemistry A European Journal  H. Schill et al. "4-Trifluoromethyl-Substituted Coumarins with Large Stokes Shifts: Synthesis, Bioconjugates, and Their Use in Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy"
2013 Bioconjugate Chemistry  M. V. Sednev et al. "Carborhodol: A New Hybrid Fluorophore Obtained by Combination of Fluorescein and Carbopyronine Dye Cores"
2013 Cell Host & Microbe  I. H. Wang et al. "Tracking Viral Genomes in Host Cells at Single-Molecule Resolution"
2012 ACS Nano  F. Balzarotti et al. "Plasmonics Meets Far-Field Optical Nanoscopy"
2012 Development  A. P. Giese et al. "Gipc1 has a dual role in Vangl2 trafficking and hair bundle integrity in the inner ear"
2012 eLife T. Grotjohann et al. "rsEGFP2 enables fast RESOLFT nanoscopy of living cells"
2012 PLOS Pathogens  T. Karlsson et al. "The Pseudomonas aeruginosa N-Acylhomoserine Lactone Quorum Sensing Molecules Target IQGAP1 and Modulate Epithelial Cell Migration"
2012 Chemistry A European Journal  K. Kolmakov et al. "Red-Emitting Rhodamines with Hydroxylated, Sulfonated, and Phosphorylated Dye Residues and Their Use in Fluorescence Nanoscopy"
2012 Chemistry A European Journal S. Nizamov et al. "Phosphorylated 3-Heteroarylcoumarins and Their Use in Fluorescence Microscopy and Nanoscopy"
2012 Biochimica et Biophysica Acta   E. Sezgin et al. "Partitioning, diffusion, and ligand binding of raft lipid analogs in model and cellular plasma membranes"
2012 ChemPhysChem T. Müller et al. "STED Microscopy and its Applications: New Insights into Cellular Processes on the Nanoscale"
2012 Optical Nanoscopy  C. A. Wurm et al. "Novel red fluorophores with superior performance in STED microscopy"
2011  Optics Express  J. Bückers et al. "Simultaneous multi-lifetime multi-color STED imaging for colocalization analyses"
2011 Nature  T. Grotjohann et al. "Diffraction-unlimited all-optical imaging and writing with a photochromic GFP"
2011 Nature Biotechnology  J. C. Vaughan et al. "New fluorescent probes for super-resolution imaging"
2011 PNAS  C. Kukat et al. "Super-resolution microscopy reveals that mammalian mitochondrial nucleoids have a uniform size and frequently contain a single copy of mtDNA"
2011 The Journal of Neuroscience  E. Reisinger et al. "Probing the Functional Equivalence of Otoferlin and Synaptotagmin 1 in Exocytosis"
2011 PNAS  C. A. Wurm et al. "Nanoscale distribution of mitochondrial import receptor Tom20 is adjusted to cellular conditions and exhibits an inner-cellular gradient"
2010 Angewandte Chemie International Edition V. N. Belov et al. "Rhodamines NN: A Novel Class of Caged Fluorescent Dyes"
2010 Chemistry A European Journal  K. Kolmakov et al. "Red-Emitting Rhodamine Dyes for Fluorescence Microscopy and Nanoscopy"
2010 Chemistry A European Journal  G. Y. Mitronova et al. "New Fluorinated Rhodamines for Optical Microscopy and Nanoscopy"
2010 PMC Biophysics  D. Neumann et al. "Two-color STED microscopy reveals different degrees of colocalization between hexokinase-I and the three human VDAC isoforms"
2009 Chemistry A European Journal  V. N. Belov et al. "Rhodamine Spiroamides for Multicolor Single-Molecule Switching Fluorescent Nanoscopy"
2009 European Journal of Organic Chemistry  S. M. Polyakova et al. "New GM1 Ganglioside Derivatives for Selective Single and Double Labelling of the Natural Glycosphingolipid Skeleton"
2009 Nano Letters  R. Schmidt et al. "Mitochondrial Cristae Revealed with Focused Light"
2008 Nano Letters  M. Bossi et al. "Multicolor Far-Field Fluorescence Nanoscopy through Isolated Detection of Distinct Molecular Species"
2008 ChemPhysChem  J. Fölling et al. "Fluorescence Nanoscopy with Optical Sectioning by Two-Photon Induced Molecular Switching using Continuous-Wave Lasers"
2008 Chemistry & Biology A. Gautier et al. "An Engineered Protein Tag for Multiprotein Labeling in Living Cells"
2008 ACS Chemical Biology  G. V. Los et al. "HaloTag: A Novel Protein Labeling Technology for Cell Imaging and Protein Analysis"
2007 Angewandte Chemie International Edition  J. Fölling et al. "Photochromic Rhodamines Provide Nanoscopy with Optical Sectioning"
2004 PNAS  A. Keppler et al. "Labeling of fusion proteins with synthetic fluorophores in live cells"